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농업용 정밀기계류
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We are currently turning out high quality products of spray gun, air gun, coating gun, engine cleaner vacuum gun, hand pump and sell them at overseas markets as well as domestics stores. We are looking for importers/buyers interested in our products. Please feel free to contact us. We will do our best in meeting your demand.

1. Features

O Compact Size : This product is weighted less by 140g than the existing products due to the compact main body. It will reduce the fatigue from the user even for long working hours, so the efficiency will be increased.

O Easy in Use : The belt is attached to needle pin, so it is easy and simple to operate.

O Material in high Quality : The material of main component, Nozzle, is replaced by high quality of SUS 303F, which makes the abrasion of nozzle remarkably less.

O Proper for high-graded precise coating : When compared with the existing products, the amount of paints spraying is less and the elaboration is increased. Therefore, th work is balanced even with the high pressure and it will make this product proper for the high graded precise coating.

O Even Spraying : The air hole around nozzle cap is angled by 10 degrees, so it will make the paints to be evenly sprayed.

2. Remark

O Gun distance from workpiece is 200mm-250mm
O Required air pressure is 3kg/cm2

3. Model and Specifications

O D-102MODEL :
Suction type, Nozzle size(2.5(mm/Ø)), Required air pressure (3.0(kgf/cm2)), Fluid output(440(ml/min)), Air consumption (360(l/min), Pattern width(280(mm)), Weight(385(g))
O SK-707model :
Suction type, Nozzle size(1.3(mm/Ø)), Required air pressure (132(kgf/cm2)), Material output(150(cc/min)), Air consumption(132(l/min)), Max.Pattern width(210(mm)), Weight (485(W/O.CUP)), Nozzle size on Request(1.0mm or 1.5(Ømm))
O SK-708model :
Suction type, Nozzle size(2.5(mm/Ø)), Required air pressure (132(kgf/cm2)), Material output(260(cc/min)), Air consumption(150(l/min)), Max.Pattern width(240(mm)), Weight (500(W/O.CUP)), Nozzle size on Request(1.8mm or 2.5(Ømm))

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