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농업용 정밀기계류
Preventive equipment(portable sprayer/sterilizer)
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Preventive equipment(portable sprayer/sterilizer)

Preventive equipment(Portable sprayer/sterilizer):

1. Noiseless, Ultra-small Portable sprayer/sterilizer
- Coil-clogging removal device attached
- No-clogging super 2000 preventive equipment

2. Advantages
- No noise generation, which is an improvement over existing equipment.
- This fumigator also uses up the remaining liquid in the container.
- Spraying take place through the nozzle of the heat transmitting coil, which maximizes the sterilization effect.
- It will also not dog.

3. Applications :
Cattle sheds, chicken farms, farmhouses, residential areas, schools, restaurants, hospitals, military bases, leisure facilities, parks and other outdoor recreational areas.

4. Main Features :
Fuel(liquefied butane gas)
Drug tank capacity(2.0ℓ)
Fuel consumption(1EA/H)
Size(L:350mm, H:330mm, W:150mm)
Reverse-Flow prevention function(2EA)
Heating-coil exchange(Exchange when clogged)
Applications(Smoking & foggily)

5. We, PaciKo Trading Company, will lead the van in making of preventive equipment, taking aim at best quality, maximum efficiency, minimum maintenance expenses, and rapid, precise A/S.

Distributed by PaciKo Trading Company, Seoul, KOREA

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