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Mobilephone Jammer
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Mobilephone Jammer

Mobilephone Jammer :

Mobilephone Jammer is an instrument to stop using cellular is a necessary for accomplishing more cultured society because there is a growing demand which we'd better control the talking by cellular phone in public places such as church, theaters, convention centers, libraries, reading rooms, and classrooms.

1. Benefits :
- Maintains a silent environment for work, worship or relation
- Cost-effective solution for mobile communication control.
- No influence on other electric instruments : It can select and shield only celluar phone frequencies. So it does not influence on other eclectric instruments and sound facility.
- Easy operation : We install it to be on and off only by using lamp switch.
- Elegant exterior : it has its electronic instrument inside not seen from outside. So it is designed to match to every place through gold sending process.

II. Location suitable for Mobile Jammer and effect :
- Church/cathedral/temple/mosques, etc : to keep solemn mode in religious ceremony by removing the noise of cellular phone
- Libraries, Classroom, Museums, etc : not to interrupt other's reading
- Concert halls, opera house, movie theaters, etc. : to be considered as a deluxe theater which can drive movie mania concentraiting on movie
- Playhouse(tennis, golf, etc.): not to scatter the audience's attention on the performance
- Institute/reading room : to keep quiet for studying
- Any other public places such as seminar room, banquet hall, hospitals, school and so on.
- Low Enforcement facilities
- Mobile Phone Prohibited Entries

III. Product Guide : (Model No. Cellular Channel, Covered Applicable) :
1. EM-1000A : 800MHz(AMPS/CDMA/TDMA), 1900MHz (CDMA/GSM/PCS) - North & South America
2. EM-1000B : 900MHz/1800MHz(GSM), 1900MHz(CDMA/GSM/PCS) - Singapore, Malaysia, China 3. EM-1000C : 800MHz(AMPS/CDMA/TDMA), 900MHz(GSM) - China, Israel
4. EM-1000D : 900MHz/1800MHz(GSM) - Western Europe, South Africa, Gulf States, South East Asia
5. EM-1000E : 900MHz(GSM/TACS) - Eastern Europe, North Africa

IV. Specification :
1. Range : 5-20 meter Radius - GSM/CDMA/TDMA/TACS/AMPS (Cover range will be extended by User's Option)
2. No Harm to Human Health - Using Very Low Power Signal
3. Dimension : 75x102x32mm (W x D x H) - Small and Slim for Easy Installation
4. System Color : Ivory/ Red/ Black - Color will be changed by User's Option
5. Using Temperature. : -40℃ ~ +80℃
6. Wall Mount available Type : Installed in anywhere
7. Adaptor Spec : InPut Voltage : AC110V ~ 220V, 50Hz ~ 60Hz
OutPut Voltage : DC9V, 500mA

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